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Doctor Who-Master x Reader (Everyday)
  You weren't sure what he was doing. He was just swinging around in your backyard, on that old swing set you had since you were about eight years old. He looked back at you as you watches through the window, and you caught his slight smile towards you. You rarely ever saw him smile, but yet he looks ahead once again, as if nothing had ever happened.
   He eventually came back inside with you, only to simply lie on the couch in the living room. He switched on the TV, and he allowed you to sit with him on the other end of the furniture. You watched as he slowly closed his eyes, and rolled over. You smiled as the sight of him softly sleeping melted your heart, and you pulled a blanket over him. You flowed your fingers through his blonde hair as he made the silent sounds of his slow breathing. Searching for the remote under his pillow, you gently pulled it out and hit the power button.
   You heard the sounds of the old furniture creaking when you knew he had woke
:iconkimandabbysaccount:KimandAbbysaccount 27 4
Your Master (Master x Reader)
[A/N: Yes, I'm talking about the Master from Doctor Who. And yes, I'm talking about when he's still alive and in his regeneration of the episodes: "The Beat of the Drums" and "The last of the Time Lords".]
    The Master giggled like a child as you picked up his paperwork he slung across the floor, and you only responded with a quiet growl, to which you thanked God he didn't hear. It'd been almost five months since you'd been working for the Master, otherwise known as Mr. Saxon. You started to like it, maybe even like him, other from the fact you had to do most of his work like you are now, picking up his paperwork. "Thank you, (Y/n)." He purred, causing you to shudder as a wide smile crept across his face. Did he only do that because he knew you had a crush on him? Yes. No, wait, yes. Most definitely yes. And there he was, teasing you about it. You got up and slightly slammed the pack of papers on his desk. "Oh, are you mad, my dear (Y/n)?" Oh that was the line. Calling you,
:iconshreddedrex:ShreddedRex 13 1
You Belong To Me Only [The Master X Reader]
You watched as he threw his folder in the air for the seventh time in the past fifteen minutes. You held the bridge of your nose and got on your knees to pick up the papers that flew out of it for the seventh time. It was embarrassing enough that your knees were showing, much less your Prime Minister was acting like a child at the White House.
"So tell me again why I have to wear this," you asked, indicating to the skirt HE forced you to wear.
The brown haired Time Lord gave you a huge grin and patted your head. "Oh  (f/n), my dear (f/n). In order for us to rule the world of course!"
You raised your eyebrow and pulled at the short business skirt to cover your exposed knees, but failing miserably. "But why a skirt? Couldn't I just wear dress pants?"
He sighed and draped an arm around you, his grin never leaving his face.    
  "You obviously don't get it. You wearing a skirt  makes me look like I'm the boss."
  You sighed in defeat. "That made no sense what
:icontwistedlittlesoul:twistedlittlesoul 119 94
Do Something About Equestria, Dearest? by Vintage-Devil-Queen Do Something About Equestria, Dearest? :iconvintage-devil-queen:Vintage-Devil-Queen 67 535 Let's make some chaos by FooshBUDDY647 Let's make some chaos :iconfooshbuddy647:FooshBUDDY647 40 16 The Beginning of the Nightmare... by Vintage-Devil-Queen The Beginning of the Nightmare... :iconvintage-devil-queen:Vintage-Devil-Queen 40 45 Nightmare Moon/Eris by Vintage-Devil-Queen Nightmare Moon/Eris :iconvintage-devil-queen:Vintage-Devil-Queen 11 29 Super Psycho Love by SelenaEde Super Psycho Love :iconselenaede:SelenaEde 36 14 Hug a little sister by RacoonKun Hug a little sister :iconracoonkun:RacoonKun 1,012 43 Merpony Princesses by Evehly Merpony Princesses :iconevehly:Evehly 977 62 MLP - Princess Gang! by nauth MLP - Princess Gang! :iconnauth:nauth 207 32 SolarRose - Happy Belated Valentines !! ~ by GlimmerHeartBoo SolarRose - Happy Belated Valentines !! ~ :iconglimmerheartboo:GlimmerHeartBoo 13 2 [Lum and Light] Princess Fausticorn by Light262 [Lum and Light] Princess Fausticorn :iconlight262:Light262 1,049 48
Timey Wimey page 78-79 and SONG!
MLP - Timey Wimey double page 78-79 is released simultaneously with a song! Octavia Melody Emotion 1 

A huge thanks to :iconprettykitty: / Decibelle and :iconjycrow: / Jyc Row for the great and awesome work of this song!Sunset Shimmer EqG (clapping) plz sunset shimmer EqG 3 (happy) plz 
:iconlight262:Light262 12 6
[Light-Lumic4] Nightmare Moon Roar - W.I.P by Light262 [Light-Lumic4] Nightmare Moon Roar - W.I.P :iconlight262:Light262 404 32 Chrysilya Storm by Colourstrike Chrysilya Storm :iconcolourstrike:Colourstrike 49 4


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